Integration: Working with the Learn API

The Trakstar Learn API makes it easy to integrate other applications with Trakstar Learn.

The Learn API is fully self-service.  Should you have any general questions, our support team is happy to answer them via email.  The execution, build, and maintenance of the API will be fully on your side.

Modify and Access

The Trakstar Learn API provides the ability to manage shared resources inside your account programmatically. Our API follows industry best practices, guaranteeing a predictable and intuitive interface for how we format responses, parse parameters, and support features like pagination, filtering, and more. For more details, please visit our technical API Documentation (also available at GitHub)

Use Cases

The API allows for the creation, addition, and updating of user accounts, and reporting. You can also add users to groups, enroll them in modules and courses, and set them to be active/archived status. It is a great tool to pass information to Trakstar Learn from your company's HR system, CRM, website, software, etc. 

What will you need before you start?

  • A Software Developer to write code
  • A Trakstar Learn account
  • An API key
  • API Documentation

Generating an API Key

The support team can generate an API key for you.  Email us at to request it!

What do I do next?

Reach out to your technical team, and let them know what you're looking to accomplish with the API.  Share this article and the API key with them, and they’ll be good to go!

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