How do I customize my Learn portal to match my company's branding?

Administrators can customize the color of the header on all trainee-facing pages, including the public course pages, catalogs, and the trainee dashboard.  

1. To customize the Company Name, navigate to the Settings page. Click Edit next to "Branding." 


Next, type your new company name and save the changes. This change will take effect immediately.


2. To customize the colors, in the same Branding section above, you can choose from one of the available templates or customize your own if you are on Premium or Enterprise.  

Clicking the icon will let you select and upload an image file for the logo. Learn will resize the image to fit in the space allotted.  The optimal logo size is 76px by 272px. 

Select from one of the three standard Learn colors, or choose the white option to remove all colors from the Learn portal.  

Under the "Header Color" section, you can choose the color of the header, company description text, and link text in the public-facing pages.  Click on the color to bring up the color picker, or manually enter the HTML color Hex values.  It is advised to use a text, link, and background color that contrast to view it easily.  

To preview each page, click on each circle at the bottom of the Page Preview window to cycle through each page.

To accept all changes, click "Apply."   Your public course page, public series page, catalog, login, and trainee dashboard will now be displayed in the newly chosen colors. Example below. 

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