Managing Multiple Trainees in Multiple Courses (Taking Bulk Actions)

It is easy to Invite, Remind, Reset, Drop, etc, multiple trainees at the same time. With our Advanced Filters on the Users page, you have more control to manage exactly the trainees you want.

Actions that can be taken:

  • Inviting to Courses
  • Resetting
  • Dropping
  • Reminding
  • Archiving
  • Updating Custom Fields
  • Grouping

Example:  "I need to reset all of my Users who have failed any of my 25 modules."


  1. Go to the Users page, click Advanced Filter.  Choose State and select Active.  (this will limit our list of users in the grid to Active Users)  Click Search.

  2. The Users grid will refresh to display your filtered list.  Check the box to the left of Last Name to select all Users.

  3. Click the Invite or Manage button, depending on what action you want to take.  In this example, we are going to choose Manage.  Click the Courses tab in the panel that opens and select all courses.

  4. Click the Take Actions button.  The next screen shows the Course status of all the Trainees selected in all the courses selected.  Check the box to the left of Failed.  (Note that the summaries are the total of all the people in that course state across courses.  One Trainee could be in an Invited state for two courses selected, for example, and would thus represent 2 in the number in Invited state.)

  5. Click the Reset button at the top and all Users will be notified they have been reset in the modules they have Failed.

There are many scenarios where you might want to perform these actions in multiple courses at the same time.  Taking these bulk actions is particularly powerful when used in conjunction with the Advanced Filter on the Users grid.  Filters can display Users who failed a specific course, are members of specific Groups, or have a specific Custom Field attribute.

Bulk actions are also available on Modules and Courses.  The filters and actions available are different on each object but the steps to execute the actions are the same. 

Taking these steps should save significant time when managing multiple Users and Courses.

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