How do I add a quiz to a module?

How do I create a quiz for my content?

To create a quiz within a module, choose the Module that you would like to create the quiz for. Under the Content tab click the Add and Arrange Content button.

Next, look at the file tab on the left, click the Insert + button in the top left-hand corner and choose the Quiz option. 

You are now given the opportunity to name your Quiz and enter a description. Click +Add Question button to add questions. 

Note: You can create up to 10 quizzes in any module, choosing from 6 different question types including multiple choice or labeling pictures.  

Select the question type you wish to add:

You can then enter your question in the 'Question Text' box and enter the answers. Then you can select the correct answer and adjust your Question Settings if necessary. If the option to Show Correct Answer is checked, you can enter the explanation of the correct answer. You can learn more about the Show Correct Answer setting option here

You also have the option to randomize your answer order as well as give the question a specific point value and change the number of tries you would like to give the trainee (if they answer the question incorrectly). You can also learn more about the Quiz passing score here.

Quizzes are scored based on the points assigned per question.

You also have the ability to give partial credit for questions on the following quiz question types: Sequencing, Labeling Pictures, Labeling Items in a Picture.  

Upon completion of the quiz the points earned are totaled from each question answered correctly then divided by the total amount of points possible to come up with the trainee's final score.

You have the option to preview the question using the Preview button at the top right-hand corner of the page. Click 'Done' once the question is ready. Click the + Add Question to to create your next question. 

Continue adding and completing questions until your quiz is all done and then click "Done". You will then see your completed quiz as a file on the left. Clicking on the quiz will highlight the quiz slides in orange within the Arranger. Clicking on the highlighted slides lets you drag and drop the quiz file to any place within the content you'd like. This can also be done with each individual quiz question.

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