What is a module quiz passing score?

If your module contains more than one quiz, Trakstar Learn averages the scores across all quizzes and uses that to determine the Module Score. You can set a minimum score (average of all quizzes) on the Manage tab to set a minimum score (average of all quizzes) required to pass this module.  

On the other hand, a passing quiz score determines the minimum score a trainee must achieve to pass that particular quiz. Please refer to the Help Article related to How to Create a Quiz to edit this.

Below are a few example scenarios to consider when deciding how you want to set up your passing requirements:

  1. They are enabling the passing module score only. The module will be passed if the average of all the quiz scores meets or exceeds the module score.
  2. They are enabling the quiz passing scores and not the passing module score. The module will be passed only if trainees meet or exceed each of the individual quiz passing scores.
    1. If a trainee fails to meet one or more of the (enabled) quiz passing scores, they will fail the module, regardless of their overall average
    2. If your module has multiple quizzes, but you want passing/failing based on one specific quiz, then set a quiz passing score only for that specific quiz and leave both the passing module score and other quiz passing score boxes unchecked.
  3. No module or quiz passing scores: Trainees will pass the course, regardless of their score(s).

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