Can I add YouTube clips to my modules?

How do I add YouTube clips to my training?

Adding YouTube clips to your course is an easy and great way to enhance your module with existing content you already have.

To add Youtube clips to a module, start off by going to the Modules section from the left hand navigation bar. Select on the Module you want to add the Youtube clip to.

Go to the “ Content” tab. Next, click “Add and Arrange Content” button.

Navigate to the place in the module you want to insert the Youtube clip.  Press the “Insert +” button in the top section between the slides you want to add the Youtube clip. In the menu that appears, select YouTube.

You will be presented with a box to paste the address (URL) of the Youtube clip. Paste the YouTube URL and click Done.

Youtube videos must be made public and not have any sharing restrictions in order to be played correctly in the Learn module. 

How do I update/replace an already existing YouTube clip within my training?

Once you're on the Arrange content screen, click on " See Slide Detail" in the top right. 

Now, the content will show each individual slide. Search for the YouTube video and select the slide from the left-hand side. After the YouTube slide has been selected, click the " Change YouTube URL"

Lastly, paste the new YouTube URL in the " Update YouTube Video" window and click done. The change will be instant and will autosave. 

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