Adding audio to a module

Trakstar Learn supports adding audio in a number of different ways:

  • You can record audio within PowerPoint and upload that file to Learn.
  • You can record audio directly within Learn using our built-in recording tool.
  • You can record audio using your preferred recording tool and then upload your audio file in Learn.

To record audio using our built-in tool or to upload your own audio file:

  • From the "Content" tab in your Module, click on the "Add and Arrange Content" button.
  • Next, select the slide you'd like to add audio to and then click on the "See Slide Detail" button in the top right
  • Here you will see a more detailed view of the slide you selected. In the top right, click on the "Record Audio" button.


  • A widget will appear in the bottom left corner and you will be presented with two options: Record or Upload.


  • To Record your own audio in Learn:
    • Click on Record and a countdown will appear and then start recording. 
      • Note: There is a 5 minute time limit/cap per recording.
    • Once you've finished recording, press the stop button. 


    • You will be given the option to preview it by playing, saving the audio recording, or undoing and starting over. Save your file to finish the recording process. 
  • To upload your own audio file:
    • Select Upload from the audio widget.
    • Search for your audio file from Box, Dropbox, or your computer.
    • Select Upload. Your audio file will be added to this slide and automatically saved. 


Note: Slides with audio will NOT automatically play when trainees view the slide due to internet browser security standards.  

Recording audio in PowerPoint: 

You can also include audio by adding audio to your PowerPoint slides before you upload them to Learn.  

For more information on adding audio files to your PowerPoint, visit Microsoft’s support site: 

PPT 2010

PPT 2007

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