Adding a survey to a module

What is a Survey and how do I create one?

A survey is a great way to get feedback from your trainees on the training or to receive free form responses on specific questions. Surveys are directly inside of modules that you create, and allow you to get feedback on that module, specifically. 

Looking to get feedback on the overall happiness and satisfaction of your employees? This is available in our Engagement Survey module - reach out to us for more information!

Surveys can be added to a Module by following these following steps: 

First, choose the Module you would like to add your Survey too. Click into the Content tab and select the 'Add and Arrange Content' button. In the Module Arranger click on the "+ Insert" button found in the upper left-hand side of the screen.

In the display that appears click on the " Survey" button under the create column.

The next display will be the "Survey Intro" where you can name your survey and add in a description. You can select to make the survey optional by clicking on the " Survey is optional" box found in the Survey Settings section. To add a question, click the "+ Add Question" button.

Here, you will choose the question type (Multiple choice or Open-Text). If you choose Multiple choice then you will need to type in the question and at least 2 answers. You can also opt to include the "All of the above" or "None of the above" option for your trainees to select from. If you choose Open-Text then you will just need to type in the question for your trainees to answer in their own words.

When the survey is complete, click the 'Done' button. You will then be able to rearrange the your content and move your newly created Survey to any position you need to within your current content

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