Common Troubleshooting Tips

It happens with all software - sometimes, Learn may be behaving a little odd!  Here are some quick tips to try out:

Clear Cache

Browsers store data from websites to help speed up load times - this is called caching.  In most cases, caching is excellent - but sometimes websites can get bogged down with stale data, resulting in old or inaccurate data being displayed or the website not functioning correctly.

A quick and easy way to get things running again is to log out of your account, clear the cache, and log back in.

Here's a link on how to clear your cache in Chrome.
Here's how to clear your cache in Firefox.

Disable VPN and Ad Blockers

VPNs and ad blockers can occasionally block specific files and disrupt how Learn works. If you're running into an issue - like your slides won't load or files won't upload - try disabling the VPN or ad blocker to see if that can help resolve the issue.

Try a Different Browser

Learn currently supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and the two latest versions of Safari. If you're currently experiencing an issue, try using a different browser.

Try on a Different Device

Sometimes, a course doesn't work because of a specific setting or software on your device - like a firewall.  Try opening Learn on another device - for example, if you're using your laptop and run into an issue, try it out on your smartphone.

I Still Have Issues!

Of course, if none of that helps - you can reach out to us at! We'd be happy to help.

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