Integration: Zoom Webinars

Trakstar Learn's integration with Zoom Webinars will allow you to synchronize enrollment and attendance effortlessly. For more information on setting up this integration, reach us at!

What is it? 

The integration between Trakstar Learn and Zoom allows you to hold live events for trainees while maintaining attendance records within Trakstar Learn. In addition, you will be able to: 

  • Maintain a single source of registrants
    • Sync event enrollment to a Zoom Webinar from Trakstar Learn
  • Flexible attendance goals
    • Track event completion based on a threshold of attendance
  • Track event completion as part of a Trakstar Learn course
    • Updates completion status in Trakstar Learn based on a Zoom Webinar’s attendance record

How do I set it up? 

First, create your webinar within Zoom Webinar:

In the settings for your webinar, you must select “Registration Required”. Zoom will not allow us to register guests to your webinar if this is not selected.

Once your webinar is created, copy the Webinar ID within the "Share Event" tab:

Next, log in to Trakstar Learn and create an In-Person module:

Paste the Zoom Webinar ID into the "Custom Info" field in Trakstar Learn: 

Add the module to the desired course and invite your trainees! The integration will then automatically invite all trainees to the webinar.

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