How can I customize the emails that Trakstar Learn sends out?

If you want to add any additional text to Course emails Trakstar Learn sends out, it's a snap to do.

You can add text for the following types of emails:

  • Invitation
  • Reminder
  • Completion

To customize the text, go to the “Settings” tab of the Course. Then click “Edit”.


Under the “Emails” section, click on the Pencil icon to add additional text.


Once you've made your desired changed, and saved it, you can proceed to change the rest of the emails from the same page by clicking on the type of email you want to edit. 


If you would like more control over the content and style of invitation emails, you can change the course to Public, copy Course URL, and use that in your own email client. If you choose "email a link to your module" or "email a link to your course," then it will open the default email system on your computer.

This is found in the “Settings” tab. Next, click “Edit” and then under the “Share Your Course” select Public.


Important Note: When a Course is made Public, anyone with that link will be able to register for it. Also, Mindflash will not be able to send reminder emails to people you email directly.

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