What happens when a user forgets their password?

Their Account Has an Email Address.

If the user has an email address, they can visit https://learn.trakstar.com/login and click the Forgot password? link.  From there, they can enter their email address.  If this is a valid email address in Trakstar Learn, they will receive a link at that email address to allow them to change their password.

Tip: Anyone can initiate the password reset flow by entering the email address on the Forgot Password page, but the user must be able to access the accompanying email inbox to change the password.

Their Account Only Has a Username and No Email Address.

If a user has been set up with only a username and does not have an email address associated with their Learn account, an authorized admin will need to go to Manage Users within the Learn account and update their assigned password.

Note:  Passwords must contain at least eight characters, one uppercase and lowercase letter, number, and symbol. 

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