Should any issues arise, our goal is to resolve them as quickly as possible. The more details you can provide to help with the troubleshooting process, the quicker we'll assist you.

When sending an email to, please include the following in your message:

  1. The URL of your Trakstar Learn account. This is typically in the format of
  2. Your name and the email address you use to log in to your Learn account
  3. Your browser type, its version, and your computer's operating system. If you're unsure, you can find this information by visiting a site like A screenshot of the results would work perfectly.
  4. Screenshots of the issue (where possible)
  5. If you are having issues with your module (e.g., with animations, audio, video, etc.), please send a Preview to, and we will investigate
  6. If you trainee related issues (e.g., trainees aren't able to reset the passwords, aren't able to enroll in a course, etc.), please include the name and email address of the trainee(s)